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Manned security services

Manned security services

Cronos Security can cover every need for manned security services. Our experienced and skilled executives will study the specifications of your premises, will define its specialized demands and will suggest the best solution for every single case.

You can turn to us to offer you total solutions and to entrust us with the manned security of any facility, such as office buildings, houses, industrial facilities – factories, construction sites, energy farms, venues and other facilities with discretion, flexibility and adjustability.

Security for business premises (Building – Office Security)

We are at your disposal to help you choose the appropriate combination of security measures to ensure the safety of your company, personnel and clients.

In addition, you can rely on us to secure your business and ensure uninterrupted workflow by providing manned security services, using our fully trained personnel, who can, at the same time, perform auxiliary works such as reception services, mail handling and processing and call center management.

Security construction site security

Having and implementing a targeted security plan, based upon the specific needs of every single construction site, will drastically help conduct your business in a regular way.

Cronos Security will help you create and implement a security plan which will meet your facilities’ needs, helping conduct daily business in a regular way, eliminating vandalisms, thefts and distraction of hardware.

Energy farms security (Wind farms. pv solar farms)

Wind farms and PV solar farms are deployed on distanced locations, outside urban areas.

The expensive equipment used for their construction as well as their distant location, makes energy farms a target for criminals and even if they don’t succeed in detaching it they will cause high cost damages.

Cronos Security can provide manned security services for energy farms, regardless the location, preventing any criminal action and ensuring their proper operation.

In addition, during construction period, we can offer gatehouse security services, overseeing the transportation of the equipment and the materials used and ensuring the security of all equipment (tools, vehicles, materials etc).

Security Security for industrial facilities factories

We can provide manned security services of industrial facilities and factories which, combined with other security measures (access control, CCTV etc.) can result in an integrated and efficient security plan which will ensure the safety and security of your facilities and stuff.

Vip securit escort

We are at your disposal to provide personal security, security for your residence or your professional premises.

Manned security services