Quality Policy
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Quality, environmental, health and safety at work policy

Company’s Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System main goal is to continuously improve its operation, guided always by clients’ expectations and needs. To fulfill this aim, Management meticulously supports and implements the basic principles and rules of Company’s Quality, Environmental and CSO System, relying on their employees’ and coworkers’ unreserved and constructive cooperation.

Therefore, the following are an integral part of Management System’s activities and ultimate goals:

  • Customers satisfaction
  • Compliance with the legislation.
  • Continuous improvement of Management System’s activities.
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • Risk-mitigation and elimination of dangerous situations at work.
  • Ensuring that all company’s activities cause as little environmental impact as possible.

The basic principles, as expressed in Company’s Quality, Environment and CSO Management System are the following:

  • Fulfilling client’s specified requirements, in accordance with the written contract or / and agreement.
  • Constant support of the client throughout service delivery, which facilitates the fulfillment of not only the written requirements but also of those derived later in the process.
  • The constructive collaboration with suppliers / collaborators in total.
  • Meeting the required guarding procedures specifications.
  • Management’s constant updating regarding new technology, thus always staying up to date with modern international criteria.
  • Continuous staff training in specialised centres.
  • Seeking the causes of non-compliance, of unsatisfactory evaluation of personnel or complaints, seeking also further corrective actions.
  • The standard Company’s evaluation by our clients.
  • Defining measurable subjective that improves the operation of Company and its sensitive area of activities.
  • Prevention of accidents and in general risks at work.
  • Management of produced waste, making its separate collection and recycling a priority.